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  • email: sales@www.bmqmw.cn
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    Welcome to Textile & Graphics Solutions Ltd., your one stop shop for T Shirt screen printers, Transfer printers, Digital printers, Fabric roll printers, Graphic sign makers, Pad printers, Printed Circuit Board printers, Printing Equipment and a wide range of sundry items.

    TGS offers complete solutions for Phthalate-Free plastisol printing, PVC-Free printing, Water based printing, Discharge printing, Silicone printing, Transfer printing, Nylon/Jute/Canvas Bag printing, Glitter flakes, Caviar beads, Flocking and Foiling applications.

    TGS also offers state-of-the-art digital inks and coated papers to Dye Sublimation printers and Direct To Garment (DTG) printers.

    TGS specializes in offering Emulsions for Discharge printing, Graphic sign printers, Printed Circuit Boards printers and Thick films/Capillary films for high density printing.

    TGS offers complete solutions for screen rooms, including Strip liquid concentrate, Haze remover, Degreaser, Screen wash etc.

    TGS also offers HD Textile adhesive aerosol cans, Silicon spray cans, Spotting solvents, water based glues for boards and pallet protection tapes.

    TGS serves your business with high quality product lines, dedicated relationships, industry-specific ingenuity and efficient supply-chain capabilities. TGS aims to offer what you need with a focus on lower product cost and on-time delivery.

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